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Molding Process
Click on the mold process phases below to see an example of how the molding process works.

» First Step:  The mold is in the closed position, while the material that will fill the mold is injected.
» Second Step:  After the material that the part is made with has filled the mold and has set for the correct amount of seconds, the mold is in the open position.
» Third Step:  The part is pushed out of the area in which it was formed. This is done by the "ejector pins" that slide through the mold as designed to enable the part to be removed without damage.
» Fourth Step:  The molded part is shown with the "sprue" still attached. The "sprue" is the area of the mold that the material passed through to fill the mold area where the part was formed.
» Fifth Step

The sample images shown above are for mold illustration purposes only. Please note that during molding, the mold opens horizontally.
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