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File Transfer Options
(Never used FTP before? No problem! We can walk you through it with these step-by-step instructions,
or by phone at 360-835-7256.)

To Send a File:
If you have FTP software of your own and wish to use it, here is the information you will need to connect to the Weissert Tool and Design FTP host:

Host Name / Address: ftp.weissert.com
Host Type: Auto Detect
User ID: Anonymous
Password: "You@email.com"
(enter your email address here)
Account: Leave this option blank even if you are using FTP software that allows an entry for this field.


If you are used to using the mouse to maneuver through directory structures, you may simply select (either by clicking or double-clicking depending on your FTP configuration) the "pub" directory folder, then the "incoming" directory folder. This will place you in the proper place for transferring files to us using your FTP software.

Please note: Since the "incoming" directory is restricted for uploading capabilities only, you will not be able to see the file(s) that you transferring to us, even after they have been received in full.

If you need immediate verification of your file upload, and are an advanced FTP user, you may access your FTP Log File for transfer confirmation. If not, you are welcome to contact us via phone at (360) 835-7256 or fax at (360) 835-8422 to confirm that we have received your file.


To Receive a File:
Please contact us via phone at (360) 835-7256 or fax at (360) 835-8422 to communicate your file transfer preferences. Thank you.


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